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Garage Door Maintenance

Make the right choice and turn to us for garage door maintenance in Pelham, New York. It’s essential to keep the garage door maintained and it’s also vital that the service is done to perfection. Take no risks by turning to our team. We offer maintenance plans to suit everyone’s needs and dispatch pros with years of experience in checking, troubleshooting, and servicing garage doors of all types and brands. If you are trying to find an experienced garage door repair Pelham NY tech to offer preventive maintenance, contact our team.Garage Door Maintenance Pelham

Schedule garage door maintenance in Pelham whenever it suits you

Getting Pelham garage door maintenance and feeling assured about the outcome of the service is as easy as making contact with our company. We send a tech regularly to inspect the garage door and all its parts. This routine inspection and tune-up can work wonders on the garage door. Overtime, garage doors wear and so do their parts. The easy way to distance major problems and safety concerns is to have the garage door maintained. And our team here at CT Garage Doors & Services Pelham dispatches an expert when it best suits your schedule.

The techs do any garage door adjustment & repair necessary

The garage door maintenance service starts with a thorough inspection. The techs check all the parts – from the springs, the cables, and the opener to the rollers, the tracks, and the hinges. It’s vital that the tracks are free of dirt and properly aligned, the rollers are lubed, the spring tension is right, and the opener works like a charm. And so, the pros do any repair and adjustment is needed. Once they test the force, the travel limits, the balance, and the movement of the garage door, they do the necessary repairs. They lubricate and do any garage door adjustment necessary to ensure safe performance.

The pros have garage door troubleshooting & maintenance skills

It’s vital to have the garage door maintained. But it’s also vital to entrust this essential service to experts in garage door troubleshooting, repairs, and adjustments. Rest easy by knowing that we assign the service to experienced techs that have the skills to troubleshoot garage doors, make the required adjustments, and fix any minor problem before it becomes a major glitch. Get the utmost results without paying an arm and a leg by turning to our company for the garage door maintenance Pelham service. We’ll be happy to oblige.